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Last Frontier Ministries we are incredibly thankful for the partnerships that we have with not only individuals but also churches and companies that see in the ministry what God has called us to do and that we are doing it with passion.

There are so many individuals that we are grateful for. As somebody who sees the vision and the goal that Last Frontier ministry has, and they partner with us through prayer, through finances, through coming on mission trips with us into the villages, and being the hands and feet of Jesus, or through, spreading the word about Last Frontier Ministries we cherish each one of you.

Praying for a Last Frontier Ministries. Prayer is one of the most overlooked involvement that people can have in missions. Since the very beginning and desire to do missions in Alaska, we have had intercessors who have partnered with us to pray for the vision that God was unfolding in the Last Frontier. Jesus says in the Bible many times about prayer. He says that he knows what we have need of even before we ask. He tells us that we are supposed to ask for those things that we need of. He talks about praying for protection, and for provision. And second Chronicles 714 it says if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways. I will hear from heaven. I will forgive their sins, and I will heal the land. Alaska is a Nation that is in desperate need of healing. There is so much brokenness, so much trauma, and so much inner healing that needs to take place within the people who live in these amazing villages that it takes intercessors to help spiritually break down the walls so that these people can see freedom. If you were called to intercede, we invite you to partner with a Last Frontier Ministries as an intercessor, to get on, our intercession team, and when we are going to the villages, when we have a special need, we are able to blast out an email/text to you so that we can start warring in the heavenly realms. We cannot do anything that we do without intercession.


If you choose to partner with Last Frontier Ministries financially, there’s several things that you should know. First and foremost I Last Frontier Ministries is a debt-free Mission organization. We feel very strongly that if God is calling us to do his work and partner with him to reach his people, then he is faithful to provide for us what we need. However, as he provides, he uses individuals to help so into the kingdom and to get the job done. Alaska is it ginormous state. It is 650,000 mi.² and is 2 1/2 to 3 times the size of Texas with 231 federally recognized villages in it. In order to get into these villages it takes a lot of finances just to reach the place. It’s not only the distance, but it’s also the equipment and the vehicles needed in order to reach these remote places. Last Frontier Ministries goes into these places by road trail, river and air. we have a fleet of vehicles that are able to transport missionaries to the few villages that are on the road system. And Last Frontier Ministries also owns an airplane and true operating costs behind. It is about $200 per hour when we go to the village of Rampart we have to go by snowmobile‘s in the winter time and we not only have to purchase snow mobiles, but we have to maintain them and put fuel in them. If we are not flying, it usually takes anywhere between six and 10 hours to get to a village that we are ministering in. We are also constructing the school of missions in where we will train young men and women to carry out the great commission in the state of Alaska And building supplies are very costly. As stated before a Last Frontier Ministries is a debt-free organization. Also, none of the staff members or board members with Last Frontier Ministries receives any compensation. Every missionary that is on staff with LFM is in charge of raising their own finances. You can be sure that when money is donated to a Last Frontier Ministries, every penny goes directly to where it is designated. We highly encourage you to pray about financially supporting Last Frontier Ministries.


Become a partner with a Last Frontier Ministries by coming on mission trips

The word of God says how beautiful are the feet of those who bring the gospel in good news. If you have never been on a mission trip before we highly encourage you to partner with us on one of the teams that we will be taking out into the village. We go to the villages 12 months out of the year it does not matter the temperature. When you choose to partner with us by going on a mission trip into the village, you will experience a culture that is amazing and beautiful. You will also see the amount of depression, alcoholism, And darkness that these beautiful people have to endure while living in the village. When you come on the trip, you will be able to bring the light and love of Jesus Christ with you and as you have conversations and start to build relationships, you will be able to pour into their lives, and bring a hope that they may have never seen before. Please consider and pray about partnering with us and coming on a mission.


Partner with us by spreading the word about Last Frontier Ministries

If you have been connected with Last Frontier Ministries before, you know how important word of mouth testimonies are. We encourage you to be open, honest and unashamed about talking with your friends and your family about first and foremost, the gospel, and how Last Frontier Ministries operates and what we do and what you’ve experienced as we fulfill sharing the gospel. when you share with your friends, it ignites a curiosity to where they themselves may get involved in one of the ways that we just talked about. So whether it be with your prayer, finances, going on a mission, or spreading the word, we encourage you to partner with a Last Frontier Ministries and help us bring the fire of God to a frozen land.