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Reach a Village in Alaska for as Little As $25 per month

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We run an organization called Last Frontier Ministries just outside of Denali National Park, in Alaska. Alaska is three times the size of the State of Texas with 231 federally recognized villages within. Most of those villages are off the road system, only accessible by boat, plane, snowmachine or ATV and that’s where we come in. Most missionaries have a hard enough time doing that in a tropical setting let alone at 50 below zero when we have nearly 24 hours of darkness.

Our main focus of ministry is with the Athabascan Alaskans in those villages. The suicide rate is triple that of the rest of the US. So is alcoholism and drug addiction.

Our goal is to be the only light they may see through coming alongside of them to meet their needs from work projects, to food, to clothing and diapers and once they experience the love of God in action, they are open to coming to the services and discipleship we offer.

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From building projects, to Discipleship training programs, to children programs, Last Frontier Ministries is bringing the light of God into the darkest place in the content

  • Last Frontier Ministries Icon3Helping to create villages who can build their own communities.
  • Last Frontier Ministries Icon2Graduates of our discipleship training school are equipped to go out and reach a lost and dying world.
  • Last Frontier Ministries Icon1Goes to the hardest to reach places in Alaska’s Last Frontier by boat, ATV, snowmobile, and airplane.

The Hardest Place To Minister In America

We are a debt-free missions organization in the harshest place on earth to do ministry that is still in the US of A. We go into the native Alaskan villages that are off the road system by planes, boats, ATV’s, snow machines or whatever it takes in 50 below temps, 24 hour darkness or whatever Alaska throws at us. We are looking to raise awareness about the place that has the highest suicide and drug addiction rates anywhere on earth to tell our story and tell how people can get involved.

We have interns that come up to Alaska every summer from all over the country to help us do anything from Work Projects in the village such as cutting firewood to remodeling buildings, to Vacation Bible School programs to food drives or outreach programs. We bring the gospel to this lost and dying world in the most remote parts of Alaska by sharing the love of God in practical ways like helping them get firewood to heat their homes in the 50 below zero winters to preaching the uncompromised Word of God in their community centers or on the street or in their homes. The youth that come up to do these mission trips with us are changed themselves as they see others having their lives transformed through the power of the love of God and the Gospel.