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Rob Graham – 907-388-8403
Ticee Graham – 907-388-7448
Sam Kimmel – 907-687-8278
Chris Kimmel – 907-687-8279

Greetings and God bless from last frontier Ministries. We so love keeping in communication with the people who see the heart and the vision and goal that last frontier ministries has for the amazing State Of Alaska. As you reach out to us, we want to commit to keeping up a long-term relationship with each one of our partners, so that you know what our needs are. If you are partnering with us in prayer, we want to give you the most up-to-date information and situations that last frontier Ministries is dealing with along with the situation’s and prayer requests that are needed from the amazing Alaskan natives in the beautiful villages that we minister in.

We also want to make you aware of the needs that we have as far as financial or material needs to get the job done. As we keep up this dialogue of communication, you will be part of the last frontier ministry family. As you have questions or comments our team will respond in a timely manner so that you know what the prayer requests or the donation needs are.

The phone numbers listed above are the phone numbers to the founders of last frontier ministries you can also find us on Facebook Instagram and our website www.lastfrontierministries.com.

Our goal is to have an interactive relationship so that, even though our partners might be thousands of miles apart, you can be kept up-to-date with communication and contact for what we are facing on a weekly basis. Contacting our partners is something that we believe is lacking within the mission world today. So many times there is a lack of communication between partners of missionaries and what is going on in the field. At last frontier ministries we want to bridge the lack of communication that is so commonly seen In Mission organizations.

At last frontier ministries you will hear from the founders along with the amazing staff members via email, personal phone calls and short video clips to give real time information on what we are doing here in the field.


Last frontier ministries is dedicated through our tech and Call Center, to keep you in the loop..

But it doesn’t stop there. As a Last frontier ministries goes throughout the villages of Alaska, and around the world our job and goal is to preach the gospel, and bring the light and life of Jesus Christ into a dark and dying world. We preach the gospel, we pray for people, and we meet people’s daily needs to the best of our ability. However, you are part of this family. We will give you specific people to pray for, and if you yourself “ our partners” have prayer needs we want to pray for you. We want you to be able to reach out and contact us for your personal prayer needs, the prayer needs of your family or friends, or if you have other missionaries in other parts of the world that need prayer, encouragement and support. We want to be able to pray for that. The information that you will receive is up-to-date, financial statements, current and upcoming projects, villages that we are currently in and villages that we have the vision and passion to pursue. Victory stories from the front front line of Alaskan natives that has had a change in their life because of the sacrifice of the staff of last frontier ministries.

You will hear stories such as my friend Melonie Titus, who surrendered her life to Christ, and realized that there were some things in her life that she was doing that was contradictory to the word of God. She contacted Rob Graham one day and asked a question if I have done something wrong, do I need to confess it to a bunch of people or in front of people his response to her was if you have sent a sin that is between you and God, then your confession would be between you and God. However, if you have a sin, and it involves other people than the word of God says that you were supposed to make right, what was wrong. Later on that week we heard that she had confessed to the tribal council that she had been embezzling money for years to feed her addiction. However, she went on to tell the tribal council that she had come into relationship with Jesus Christ Jesus Christ has completely and utterly transformed her life. This happened in 2019 when last frontier ministries hosted a youth with a mission group from Kona Hawaii for two months in the village. She gave her life to Christ during that time and we seen the village starting to transform. To this day, Melanie is putting 1 foot in front of the other. She is in a passionate pursuit for Christ. And she is not afraid to tell other people about her face and tell people her testimony.

It’s short stories like these that we want to inform you on that will encourage you to continue to partner with us both in prayer and financially

Please do not hesitate to contact last frontier ministries with any questions, concerns or ideas that God may have dropped into your spirit about Alaska and future ministry opportunities.

The phone numbers that are here are our personal cell phone numbers. Our best form of communication to start off. The communication is usually by email or text because often times we are not in cell phone range as we are in the village. The founders information is as followed.

Rob Graham – 907-388-8403

Ticee Graham – 907-388-7448

Sam Kimmel – 907-687-8278

Christina Kimmel – 907-687-8279

If you were wanting to send a general email that is a request for general knowledge about last night to ministries. Please feel free to email us at

One of our staff members would love to get back in contact with you and to answer your questions, and to fill you in on anything you have questions about.

Thank you so much for taking time to read this page and I hope that this was an informative on how to get in touch with the founders and staff members with a Last frontier ministries based just outside of Denali park in Alaska.