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About Us

Last frontier ministries is a 501 C3 nonprofit Christian organization. We are a para church organization, which means that we partner with different Christian churches and denominations to get a common goal done, and that is to reach the people of Alaska with the gospel of Jesus Christ..

Last frontier ministries was formed in 2008 x 2 families, Rob and Ticee Graham along with Sam and Chris Kimmel.

Last frontier ministries concentrates our efforts of doing ministry into three different categories. The first category is local ministry. We at last frontier ministries believe that anywhere a Mission organization is based out of. They need to be pouring in to the community that they’re a part of. Our campus is located just outside of Denali national park, which is home to several tour companies. From the month of May through the end of September, seasonal workers from all over the globe come to work for princess tours, and Holland America, along with other small businesses. The housing facility that houses these workers are 1 mile from last frontier Ministries campus. Through prayer and seeing that the lifestyle that these workers lead, we started the construction process of an out door pavilion with a large rock fireplace and connected to that is a small coffee shop. The reason we constructed these buildings is because the workers will walk down from there lodging facility to a large creek that usually does not run. This creek is called dry Creek. In this creek at night time the workers will unwind by building a bonfire and then they smoke marijuana and drink alcohol until early hours of the morning. What our goal behind this leg of the ministry is will be to reach this crowd through the coffee shop where they can come and get food and coffee at an extremely low price, and then sit in the pavilion next to the roaring fireplace, and our staff members will start to build relationship with them.

The second leg of our ministry is our discipleship training school. Last frontier ministries has partnered with youth with a mission YYM for short two run a Discipleship School that last five months long. During this five month program, three months are dedicated to teaching subjects about God and the truths of the Bible and subjects, like hearing, gods voice, the character and nature of God, the father, heart of God, the cross in the covenant, spiritual warfare, relationships, and evangelism to name a few. At the end of the lecture phase, we embark on a two month outreach that will concentrate, but is not limited to the villages of Alaska. During the outreach phase of their discipleship training school, the students will put into practice what they have learned during lecture phase. And our end goal is that they receive a passion for ministry amongst the Alaskan native people and that we can hopefully get long-term staff members to minister in this great state. The third leg of our ministry is the village ministry. Ministry in Alaska is one of the hardest places on earth to do ministry. This is for several different reasons. The first reason is we are in the United States so most people do not think of it as a Mission Field. The second reason is most of our staff members are non-native, and therefore it takes a long time to get accepted into one of the villages. The third reason is the geographical location and the harsh and environment that we have to work in. Last frontier ministries goes into the villages year-round. Whether it is 80° above zero, or 60° below zero last frontier ministries is dedicated to bringing the light and love of Jesus Christ to the dark and cold villages. During the summertime, it is extremely chaotic in Alaska as everybody has been cooped up for almost 8 months with harsh temperatures. So when the sun finally comes up and instead of being dark for 24 hours a day it’s light for 24 hours a day. People are getting chores done, and any construction that is needed on their house or property. This is one of the areas where last frontier ministries comes in. We help with construction projects, maintenance on peoples houses, or helping them gather for the winter time.

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The winter time is actually the best time to do ministry in Alaska. It’s not always the funnest time, but it is usually the most fruitful. With daylight only arriving for 2 to 3 hours a day, when we have discipleship services, we typically have more people in attendance, because there are not other distractions, pulling them away from it. Last frontier ministries is dedicated whether it is raining or shining, whether it is snowing or blowing to discipling the Alaskan natives to raise them up as strong believers and intern placed them as spiritual leaders within the villages, so that they are reaching their own people. Our in goal is that the Alaskan native people will have an encounter with the love of God, turned their lives over to the Lord ship of Jesus Christ, receive Discipleship through a Last frontier ministries, take on spiritual leader, ship positions within their own villages, and also come on staff with Last frontier ministries.

So, with combining all three legs of the ministry together, what our hope is, is that people who come to our campus ministry that reaches out to the local people in the summer seasonal workers that they would have an encounter with Jesus Christ, they would get born again, and then they would partake in the second leg of our ministry, which is our discipleship training school through youth with a mission.

There they would receive training and discipleship, learn how to disciple others, and after graduation move into the third leg of our ministry, which is the village ministry. This is why I Last frontier ministries was formed, and founded on the whole principle of reaching out to those in need spiritually, physically and emotionally.