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This is the page that everybody either looks for or tries to stay away from. Donating to ministries can be a very awkward thing. And asking for money is even more awkward. But here is the simple truth. The word of God says that a worker is worth his wages. Rest, assure, knowing that every penny that is donated to a Last Frontier Ministries goes straight to the mission field. Whether it is for fuel for boats planes, snowmobile‘s or vehicles. Food for our staff members as they’re in the village for weeks at a time, building supplies to build new buildings to train young men, and women, to be missionaries, and carry out the great commission of Jesus Christ. To preach the gospel to the ends of the earth.

The simple truth is this, Last Frontier Ministries is unable to accomplish God‘s vision for Alaska, and these beautiful people with out donations and support. Alaska is an extremely expensive place to do missions, and because it is in the United States there are a lot of people who do not look at Alaska as a true Mission Field. After 15 years of doing village ministry, I can tell you that it is in fact, a Mission, Field, and one that is way overlooked, And it is also one of the hardest places in the world to do missions. We want to ask you to first pray, as an organization whenever there is a need, we always ask our staff members to do two things, pray, and ask God, how much am I supposed to give to this organization. And to simply obey what he tells you to do. The word of God says that it is more blessed to give than it is to receive, and we Can attest to this and all of our lives of the staff that work within a Last Frontier Ministries. We as an organization or radically, generous, and we, as an organization has seen radical G generosity port out upon Last Frontier Ministries. So I invite you right now to close your eyes and ask God, God, what should I give to a Last Frontier Ministries? And typically whatever number first comes to your mind is what he wants you to give. There is no gift too small or too large. We have seen individuals give very little amount of money, but it was given in such a pure heart that it equaled to our greatest donor because everything should come from the heart.

Because Last Frontier Ministries is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt nonprofit organization, every donation that is given to a Last Frontier Ministries Whether in Money or goods is completely tax deductible. All of us a Last Frontier Ministries would like to thank you in advance for finding this page, staying on this page, asking God, how much you are supposed to partner with Last Frontier Ministries, and being obedient to what he says. The Athabascan people within the interior of Alaska will have a life change because we are able to get there Because of your help.

A few stories of donations. I Last Frontier Ministries was praying and believing God for the completion of the framing in of our school admissions. We did not have the money, but we felt as though God was telling us to push through and to put the third story and the roof on our dormitory in school of missions. We took a step of faith and we ordered the supplies knowing that he who promised is faithful to complete. As we went and picked up the supplies and started putting the building together, we started getting checks in the mail, some for five, 1020, and $20,000. We were able to put the roof on the building, and just as we did, the rain started pouring down and it potentially could’ve ruined our building because the next year was Covid and we did not have Many teams coming up to help with the finishing of the construction of the dormitory. Recently we had a gentleman who liked our ministry, and donated us $60,000 towards the work that God has called LFM to do. This summer we have also received a $40,000 check from a youth group in Baytown Texas. So whether you’re a five, 10, 20,000. 60,000, or somewhere in between or even somewhere way over, know that God is using you to fulfill the great commission in this amazing land.

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Another testimony is a Last Frontier Ministries was able to get a lease on a piece of land in the village of MINTO where we are doing ministry every month. We have been praying for years and years for a place of our own so that we can keep all of our supplies in one spot, and we are guaranteed a Bed whenever we go into the village. After we received the land, a businessman from Baytown Texas committed to helping us financially build a mission house for our missionaries to stay at. This was someone who felt the leading of God say let’s pour into a ministry that we’re connected with and that is actively preaching the gospel into these villages. In 2020 for Last Frontier Ministries hopes to start construction on the mission house that we have been praying for so many years for And get housing finally for our team. Again, this was something that God put on an individuals, heart, and his faithfulness is what is going to answer a prayer that we prayed for so many years.

So, as you ask God, what to donate there are several different ways that you can donate. You can donate by check, cash, PayPal, them know, cash app. And at the end of the year when the books are being closed out, you’ll receive a tax Donation letter and the amount that you have donated to submit to your taxes. If you are led to donate, we ask that you would also pray over the money and over LFM that it would be multiplied and they heavenly’s and we can reach as many people as we can for the kingdom of God.