What We Do

Our Missions Statement

Dedicated to bring the gospel to the unreached people groups of the world through establishing Godly relationships, discipling new believers and rising up new leaders in the church, who in turn will carry out the Great Commission.

Last Frontier Ministries does not limit itself to only one means of bringing the love of Christ to others.  We engage in several different strategies to get the Gospel message to those that need to hear.

Evangelism and Discipleship

Traveling to different villages within Alaska’s Interior and to villages around the world, we preach the Gospel message of God’s saving power.  This is done through several different methods:  Men’s and women’s Bible study, vacation bible school for the children, door to door or village to village evangelism, and mentoring.

Local outreach

Our hometown, Healy, experiences an immense growth in population over the summers with many tourists coming to visit the Denali National Park and also with many seasonal employees who come from all over the world to work here! Our vision is to host worship nights and give people a safe hang out spot, where they can grab a coffee and a snack and listen to the Gospel and worship music. That is why we build “The Pit” and a coffee shop next to it. Both are still under construction.

Construction and Building Needs

Many people and families throughout the world are in desperate need of shelter.  With Last Frontier Ministries those needs will be met through:  Small home/hut construction, community center construction, assistance with rebuilding after natural disasters, and church construction.

Last Frontier Ministries will do everything possible to assist those that need it.  If we cannot do it ourselves we will partner with others to meet the needs of others.

We are currently building a shop to store all our vehicles and also a school of mission! Our vision is to bring students to Healy to learn about missions and to be discipled and then go out to preach the Gospel in Alaska and all over the world!

Meeting the Needs of Daily Living

Many people just need assistance,  a little helping hand.  By assisting others we show the love of Christ.  Ways that Christ’s love is shown includes: Assistance in food gathering (fishing, hunting, gardening), wood splitting and stacking, food/clothing/toy distribution, assisting with laundry, and trash pick up and cleaning.  These are just a few of the ways in which we express the love of Christ to others.

Medical Assistance and Health Education

Those needing medical attention and health education will have their needs met through:  First aid/CPR training, Emergency Trauma Technician training, hygiene awareness classes, health education classes, immediate first aid and other medical care when needed. Keep posted as we are planning a medical trip into Alaska’s interior.

Mission Opportunities

With over 200 villages in Alaska and many of them without a strong Christian presence, you have an incredible opportunity to make a difference.  Last Frontier Ministries facilitates short-term missions trips into the villages of  Alaska.  This is an incredible opportunity to experience Alaska and to reach others for Christ.  Many of the villages do not have a church or pastor.  If you are interested in joining with us this summer, fall, winter or spring please feel free to contact us at [email protected]As the summer of 2019 comes upon us quicker than you think, please consider this opportunity to travel to Alaska’s Interior.  Please continue to check for additional missions opportunities.