Village Ministry



Minto is a native village along the Tanana river and one of the few villages accessible by road in the Alaskan interior. LFM has been taking short term trips to Minto since 2010. 

While in Minto, ministry varies from door-to-door, VBS, Church service, community service and prayer in whatever opportunity presents itself. We have relational-based ministry, we want to serve and love people where they are at through building relationships, being available for people when they need help, being a shoulder to cry on, praying with them, and discipling them.


LFM has also been traveling to the small village of Rampart only accessible by plane, boat, or snow machine in the winter. LFM has been going to Rampart since 2013 whenever the opportunity and means presents itself. 



Old River Baptist lead by Danny Philips, as well as other mission groups, have been faithfully coming to reach out to the people of Nenana. While there, they hold VBS programs, help with the fishing camps, host baseball games,  serve at the senior center and assist the locals in any way they can.