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Last Frontier Ministries is involved in a variety of different works in Alaska and around the world.  Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we reach out to those in need.


Our first newsletter!

January Newsletter

Village Ministry


Minto image

Winter of 2017-2018, Last Frontier Ministries traveled to the village of Minto one week a month. We have been going to Minto since 2010 and have made many friends since then and have seen many hearts touched over the years! During our time there, we hold children’s services after school, love on the kids and share the Word of God. At the adult services in the evenings, one of our team members shares from the Bible, or we watch a DVD lesson and have discussion small group style. We also host teen game nights or play basketball at the gym to reach out to the youth of the village. Much of our time is spend building relationships and going door-to-door getting to know those living there. There is always a need to be met in the villages, and we are always willing to play our part. There is a small, core group of believers living there, and they believe Minto is going to be used in a great way for Christ. We believe it as well!


We have also been travelling to the small village of Rampart to build relationships and establish continuing ministry there. It is not always easy get there since Rampart is a fisher village and not on the road system. That means we have to travel either by plane, boat or snowmachine. It is always a great logistic challenge to bring teams there, but thankfully we were always able to manage that over the last years!

We traveled to Rampart for the first time in the summer of 2013 and brought a small youth team up for VBS. Currently we are working with several other churches from the Fairbanks, and North Pole area to build a church in the village. During the summers we try to bring at least one team there for VBS, church services, service projects and door to door evangelism. During the winter we try to snowmachine to the village once a month for a few days, for personal evangelism and to serve the people there in any way we can.

This last summer we had the opportunity to baptize a woman and do a baby dedication there!


Pastor Danny Philips has been faithfully bringing his youth group from Texas to Alaska to reach the people of Nenana. While there, they hold a VBS program and serve the locals in any way they can. In the last two years they have also been spending a few days in Healy to reach the youth that is here.

New Ministry Opportunity – “The Pit”

Our town by Denali is a hot spot for tourism in the summer. There is a resort located a few miles down the road and the housing for employees is in our small town. This almost doubles Healy’s population in the summertime! A majority of employees come from Eastern Europe. God is bringing the world to our doorstep, and we see this as an incredible opportunity to reach out to these seasonal workers!

We constructed a pavilion (“The Pit”) as a hang-out and a safe place to have bonfires because wildfires are a problem in Alaska. Our vision for The Pit is to provide a safe, welcoming environment to build relationships and share the love of Jesus with our guests. A coffee shop, theme nights, and live music are all part of the goal! The coffee shop building is up and standing and now we just need to gather all the required equipment and finish the interior.

We have done several worship nights on a dry creek which runs just a few feet away from the Pit and where many of the summer employees hang out at night. Several people have stopped by and listened or engaged with us in a conversation about Jesus.

Building Projects

The Shop

Reaching the different villages of Alaska requires some creative transportation methods.  We have acquired several buses, boats, vehicles and a plane to bring mission teams safely to the villages and to ensure we have reliable transportation during our long and cold winters. Therefore, we decided that we are in a big need of a shop to store vehicles and equipment, to have a warm place to work on them and to keep everything out of the elements.

During the last two summers several construction teams came up and helped build a 40′ x 60′ main shop, which also has two big apartments built over the shop. These apartments will be used to host couples and families wanting to work with us for a longer period of time.  We still have a little bit of work left, but we are hoping to get it all finished this summer!

The Dormitory 

Ever since we started Last Frontier Ministries we wanted to start a school of missions here in Healy, where students can be discipled and learn how to fulfill the Great Commission in Alaska and all over the world! This summer we took a big first step towards that vision – we excavated the foundation for the dormitory, which will include classrooms as well and will hold about 30 students! We were very blessed with actual professional architectural drawings of a building that we had envisioned and we are excited to start construction this summer!

Upcoming Ministry


December 29 – January 3, 2019: The Kimmel and Sivils families will be in Minto over New Years. We have been going to Minto for New Years for the last 3 years and it has always been a great opportunity to build new friendships and share ministry work with our own children!

March 30 – April 6: A team from Go Be Love will be in Minto doing VBS and church services

June 8 – July 20: During this time 3 different teams from Lancaster, PA will be coming up to help with our construction projects

July 22-August 3: A youth group team from Old River Baptist in Texas will be in Nenana and Minto