News and Events

Last Frontier Ministries is involved in a variety of different works in Alaska and around the world.  Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we reach out to those in need.


Village MinistryMinto image

Winter of 2016-2017, Last Frontier Ministries traveled to the village of Minto one week a month. During our time there, we held children’s services after school, loving on the kids and sharing the Word of God. At the adult services in the evenings, one of our team members shared from the Bible, or we watched a DVD lesson and had discussion small group style. We also hosted teen game nights to reach out to the youth of the village. Much of our time was spent building relationships and going door-to-door getting to know those living there. There is always a need to be met in the villages, and we are always willing to play our part. There is a small, core group of believers living there, and they believe Minto is going to be used in a great way for Christ. We believe it as well!

We also traveled to Rampart several times to build relationships there and to set up ministry for the summer of 2017. We are looking forward to spending a week in Rampart this summer!

New Ministry Opportunities

Our town by Denali is a hot spot for tourism in the summer. There is a resort located a few miles down the road and the housing for employees is in our small town. This almost doubles Healy’s population in the summertime! A majority of employees come from Eastern Europe. God is bringing the world to our doorstep, and we see this as an incredible opportunity to reach out to these seasonal workers!

We constructed a pavilion (“The Pit”) as a hang-out and a safe place to have bonfires because wildfires are a problem in Alaska. Our vision for The Pit is to provide a safe, welcoming environment to build relationships and share the love of Jesus with our guests. A coffee shop, theme nights, and live music are all part of the goal!

Upcoming Ministry


June 8-21: construction team from Pennsylvania helping with our shop and dormitory

June 15-22: Go Be Love in Minto doing VBS and a building project

June 16-25: In Motion Ministries helping with construction

June 24-July 3: TORN Ministries in Rampart

July 6-16: First Baptist Baytown in Nenana

July 29-August 6: Mountain Top AG church helping with construction

Clothing Distribution, Throughout the year

Last Frontier Ministries will be holding free clothing distribution throughout the year as clothing becomes available. Throughout the winter months we will be distributing knit hats that were provided by a church in Montana for the kids. We are so grateful for the donations of others that help us in reaching the needs of those in the villages.