What We Do

LFM doesn’t confine ministry to the borders of the organization. We believe in the growth and development of lifestyle missions, to walk through life as a living sacrifice to the LORD through acts of service, discipleship, building godly relationships, leading mission teams into the Alaskan interior, as well as around the world.

Prayers and Praise


If you feel on your heart to give or you want to reach out for mission opportunities, we would love to be available to answer questions. please contact us, or donate below. If you would like to join us in prayer, please contact us and sign up for our newsletter!

“Our motto is reaching out to those in need in whatever aspect that is. It’s may be by suppling needs for individuals through distributing food items, clothing or diapers. We reach needs by preaching in evenings services, doing kids’ church programs, being real with them and reaching out to them by sharing the love of Christ in the villages and also here in the Healy area.”
Sam Kimmel